Sibaris in Tuscany is a place and a landscape where people stay or visit to share ideas, skills and energies. There is (or will be) an old stone house, a 12th Century tower, a vegetable garden, a wood, a campsite, an immersion stream, an ancient temple of Sol Invicta, a meditation garden, indoor and outdoor yoga spaces, and a library with books in seven languages. To support the venture people contribute or offer what they can, whether labour, currency, food, energy or smiles. We are a shifting community of happy idealists devoted to protecting nature and making a better world. Come and join us for as long as you wish or are able to. Sibaris is in a thinly populated area with mostly abandoned fields and terraces. We are gradually bringing land back into sustainable cultivation and live surrounded by wild animal visitors: wild boar, roe deer, porcupines, foxes, hedgehogs come regularly as well as birds, lizards and insects of kinds seen in hotter lands.










This is our wood that provides peace, solace and fuel.